A Child’s New Year Resolution


I’ve talked throughout this month about how to make your New Years’ resolution stick, but let’s step away from you and look at your family.

Have you ever thought about setting resolutions with your child? It can be a great way to raise self-esteem, improve health, set good habits, and work together as a team.

Here are a few thoughts to get started. Children imitate what they see, so set your goals first. Then share them with your child.

Next, talk with them about goals they might want to accomplish. Help them come up with a plan along with a way you can track progress with them. Be a cheerleader for your child.

You can set goals for younger children, but explain why you’re setting them and how they’ll benefit. Be sure they want to participate with you, and reward them for trying.

There’s simply no age limit for good New Years’ resolutions.

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