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Eating Fatty Foods During Pregnancy Can Lead To Breast Cancer

If you’re pregnant—back away from that bag of Doritos! According to a new study, pregnant women who gorge on fatty foods may increase the chances that their daughters and even grand-daughters will develop breast cancer in later life. The London Daily Mail reports that researchers believe eating an unhealthy diet can permanently alter the cells […]

Disciplining & Parenting Amidst A Divorce

Dear Dr. Bill, My son is 4-years-old and I have him approximately 5 months out of the year due to a divorce.  My biggest struggle is getting him to follow the rules. He can be very stubborn and defiant, and I respond with either a timeout or spanking if he refuses to obey. But here’s […]

Big Sugary Drinks

As you may have heard, New York City has approved a ban on big sugary drinks. According to USA Today, the measure could go into effect as early as March. It places a 16-ounce limit on bottled drinks and fountain beverages sold at city restaurants, movie theaters, sports venues and street carts. It applies to […]

Last Ounce Of Courage

Have you heard about the new movie that shines a light on the attack on religious freedom in America? According to Plugged In.com, actor and martial arts master Chuck Norris has put his stamp of approval on the film. The movie is called Last Ounce of Courage, and it deals with a Vietnam War veteran’s […]

Pushover Parenting

Dear Dr. Bill, My youngest daughter just turned 8-years-old and for the first time in my life, I heard her say she HATES me! And she not only said it to me once, but 3 times. This happened because I reminded her about her chores — she knows she has to do them, but this […]