Back to School Advice for Mom

Mom, here’s some advice for you as we begin a new school year: don’t overcommit yourself or your kids.

My friend Dr. Juli Slattery says that in the excitement of her newfound free time without kids, she often finds herself signing up for Bible studies, volunteer opportunities and promising everyone she knows that she can now get together for lunch.

When she adds in in her children’s homework, after-school sports and other activities to the schedule, Juli says all of a sudden she’s got one busy family!

Perhaps you also have a tendency to overcommit. Have you ever found yourself so busy that you burn out by October?

Many family experts believe that business is one of the greatest threats to marriages and kids today.   Dr. Slattery offers a few suggestions to help manage your schedule during the new school year.

Fill out a weekly calendar of commitments before the school year even begins. Don’t forget to write in Bible studies, sports practices, piano lessons and time to get homework and house work done.

After you’ve added in all your commitments, take a look at your schedule. How much margin does your family have?

Juli warns that we should never immediately say “yes” to a new commitment.  If we do, we may impulsively give away our time when one of our kids wants to get involved in something new or when someone asks us to volunteer.

Finally, protect your evenings and weekends. Obviously, your kids’ activities are going to be after school, in the evening or on the weekend. If possible, reserve at least three weeknights and weekends as “family time.” Use this protected time to connect with your kids, your spouse, and simply to rest.

I’m Bill Maier for Shine.FM.

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