August Difference Maker: Habit of the Heart Fund

The Habit of the Heart Fund helps Hendricks County women and children in emergency need. To date, the Fund has provided relief for needs which include eye glasses, hearing aids, dental work, clothing and other essential items.

The Habit of the Heart Committee works year-round to raise money for the Fund and holds its annual Habit of the Heart event each year in September. In 2014, the Habit of the Heart event raised over $225,000 to benefit Hendricks County women and children in emergency need.

On September 12th, 2015 Habit if the Heart will host the 11th Annual Habit of the Heart Event where an auction will take place with all proceeds going towards the Habit of the Heart Fund.

To register to attend, donate to the auction, or find out more about the event, click here!

Watch the Habitat of the Heart Video.

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July Difference Maker: Get REAL inC

Get Real Inc Logo

Get REAL inC is an nonprofit 501c3 ministry that exists to encourage, equip and empower girls to Get Respected Educated Able and Loyal in Christ through the support of multigenerational and peer mentors. They strive to be Relevant, Relational and Real in all that they do. Get REAL inC transcends culture, economic levels, and church denominations. They are partners with parents, churches, and communities as they all work to train the next generation.

Get REAL inC is for girls in grades 1-12 and is led by everyday women and girls who are striving to honor Christ in their everyday lives. They are taking off the masks, leaving behind the fake, and joining together to navigate life. It is a place for young women to surround themselves with other young women and mentors who will build them up and point them to Christ.

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June Difference Maker: Kids Alive International

Millions of kids in the developing world live in desperate, life-threatening situations. Orphaned, abused and neglected they often end up on the streets begging just to survive. Many are victimized by predators and have nowhere to turn for help. Kids Alive International exists to rescue these children –one at a time. Through Children’s Homes, Care Centers and Schools, Kids Alive provides the love and care that every child deserves and have the unique privilege of introducing them to Jesus.

Kids Alive reflects the love of Christ by rescuing suffering children in crisis, nurturing them with quality holistic care, and introducing them to the transforming power of Jesus Christ so they are enabled to instill hope in others.
Kids Alive provides quality care to thousands of orphaned, abused, abandoned and neglected children through children’s homes, care centers, and schools in 14 countries. Partners can support Kids Alive ministries through child sponsorship, service teams, site sponsorship, or donations.
To get involved call (800) 543-7330 or go to

May Difference Maker: Hope For The Day

Hope For The Day is a nonprofit movement committed to utilizing music and the arts as a defense mechanism to suicide. Their alternative approach strives to offer education, prevention and hope through creative expression.

Hope For The Day’s vision is to bring communities together in order to shed light on the unfortunate topics of depression and suicide. They wish to share the deeply personal connection creativity can have in fostering an environment of positive change to the suffering.

Hope For The Day views art and music as a highway to the heart; two things that have allowed humanity to express our emotions for milennia. They wish to reduce suicide rates while inspiring and empowering those who need help, to get help.

Most importantly, Hope For The Day has the vision to use creative expression as a medium to educate communities while simultaneously striving to prevent suicide.

To learn more, go to

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April Difference Maker: Hoosiers Heart Helpers

Hoosiers Heart Helpers has a mission to empower low income women and children by providing educational and job readiness resources. These include resume workshops, scholarships, and more. For more information about how you can help be the voice of the forgotten, click here!

March Difference Maker: Reach A Village


Reach A Village seeks to be a light and a witness to people in rural villages throughout the world who have yet to hear the Good News of Christ. It was founded in 2012 by a group of experienced Christian leaders trained in foreign and domestic missions. Reach A Village partners with local ministries in countries around the world who have the same burden and vision to reach people with the Gospel.

The unreached people living in rural villages will be reached by their own countrymen and women living in villages within traveling distance. Reach A Village is committed to helping local Christian workers reach the unreached within their nation by providing Scripture resources and training programs for church planting and growth.

The goal of Reach A Village is to encourage and equip capable, indigenous Christian ministries and local churches to fulfill the great commission by providing resources and Bibles.

To find out more about Reach A Village visit

February Difference Maker: The Villages

The Villages champions every child’s right to a safe, permanent and nurturing home. They are committed to strengthening all families and embracing the dignity and diversity of every child, youth and family served.

The Villages, Indiana’s largest not-for-profit child and family services agency, serves over 1,400 children and their families each day. Their vision is that every child will flourish in a healthy, nurturing, self-sufficient family.

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January Difference Maker: Midwest Food Bank

Midwest Food Bank has a vibrant mission. They seek to alleviate hunger and poverty by delivering food and disaster relief free of charge. Their goal is to make a difference in our communities and create volunteer opportunities for all. This is our roadmap to “Sharing the Blessings.”  Just as Christ urges us to take action with the talents/gifts He has given us, their effectiveness in being successful as an organization is built on leveraging & appreciating the diversity of their resources in terms of backgrounds, experiences, and ways of thinking.

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December Difference Maker: Angel Tree

Angel Tree is a national outreach out of Prison Fellowship that reaches out to 2.7 million children in the United States whose parent or parents are incarcerated. Angel Tree provides an invaluable connection to inmates and their children, who may never get to visit their mom or dad behind bars.

Prisoners’ children are the most severely at-risk children and youth in America. Angel Tree is an important way to reach out tokids struggling to deal with the anger, hurt, and disappointment they feel over their parent’s incarceration.
Through Angel Tree, children hear from volunteers about the One God who loves them. By mobilizing churches, organizations and individuals, Angel Tree works to provide prisoners’ children with Christmas gifts and to encourage adults’ involvement in the children’s lives throughout the year. This begins simply by brightening Christmas for the children of prisoners.
The cost to help reach one child is only $14.08. Click here to donate or call 1-855-50-ANGEL.
Thank you, Angel Tree for being a Difference Maker around the nation.  To learn more about becoming a Shine.FM Difference Maker email or call 815.939.5330.


November Difference Maker: Operation Christmas Child


Operation Christmas Child collects shoeboxes filled with gifts for children in need around the world. These care kits are filled with a toy, school supplies, a hygiene item, an accessory, and a personal note from you. Take an empty box, choose whether you’re packing a gift for a boy or a girl and mark the age category you’ve chosen, and fill your box with treasures!
Don’t forget to pray for the child receiving your gift before dropping the box off at a designated drop-off location near you. (To find a location go to )
You can also follow your shoebox! Operation Christmas Child will send you a tracking notice telling you the country where your shoebox gift will be delivered. After your shoebox is shipped, you will receive one email with information about where your shoebox was shipped, along with information about Operation Christmas Child in that country.
Thank you Operation Christmas Child for being a Difference Maker around the world. For more information on becoming a Shine.FM Difference Maker call 815.939.5330.