The Project: Martyrs Prayers

The Project is a collaboration of musicians under the direction of Michael Glen Bell and Duane W. H. Arnold from Indianapolis, Indiana, USA.  Bell and Arnold have put music to prayers of martyrs throughout the ages and have enlisted some world-class musicians to play on the album. Among them are:  Phil Keaggy, Randy Stonehill, Margaret Becker and Glenn Kaiser (Rez Band).  The songs range from acoustic folk to rock n roll.


Hear the song “Clement” from The Project:

Watch the video “Becket” from The Project:

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Zion’s Joy

Zion’s Joy is comprised of eleven melodious voices whose mission is to sing and testify of God’s goodness, mercy and salvation to all. Their purpose and ministry is to lift the name of Jesus higher, letting all who hear, know of his soon return. The theme of Zion’s Joy is taken from Isaiah 51:3 where it concludes that in Zion “joy and gladness will be found in it, thanksgiving and the voice of melody”.

The line-up of Zion’s Joy includes sopranos Beth Sinclair, Madison DaBreo, Lyn MacDonald-Sigman, and Maniqua Abbett.  Altos are Kimberly Kent, Cartala Mcgill-Stout, and Sharon Rimmer. Tenors include Rickey Smiley, Dan Sinclair and Richard O. Jackson with Freddie Bolden and Robert W. Stevenson singing baritone and bass.

Zion’s Joy was founded by Robert W. Stevenson in 2008 (initially named Zion’s Voice) and was featured on the song “Praise Him in the Dance” from Richard O. Jackson’s debut CD release, He Who’s Invisible. Zion’s Joy has taken their ministry to numerous churches and venues across Indiana as well as other cities throughout the United States.

With a blend of tight, rich harmonies, and powerful lead vocals, Zion’s Joy delivers a unique brand of old and new school gospel / contemporary Christian music.  Indiana Gospel Music Association president Ken Gates describes their live ministry performance as “electric, moving, and a must see.”

The members of Zion’s Joy are active in their churches and have answered the call to go spread the Word of God to the masses.  They long to encourage and see everyone give his/her heart to Christ.  With the release of their debut CD, “Knocking On Your Heart,” every listener will hear the heart beat of praise, worship, salvation, and celebration.

If you listen closely, you’ll hear Heaven’s voice through Zion’s Joy!

Listen to Zion’s Joy here:

Watch Zion’s Joy here:

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Joe Paulson


headJoe Paulson is on a mission.  He wants his audience to walk away from his shows thinking, “That song just expressed how I’ve always felt.”


An Indianapolis native, Paulson first began ticklin’ the ivories at the tender age of 6.  It wasn’t until he was 18 years old and on the cusp of enrolling at Taylor University in Upland, Indiana that he started delivering his soulful, introspective melodies as a piano pop-rock artist.  In the fall of 2012, he released The Fallout EP, a collection of four piano driven ballads showcasing his songwriting virtuosity.  Shortly after that release, he began touring at venues and festivals in countless cities and festivals all over Indiana, including providing local support for the likes of Sixpence None the Richer, Andrew Belle, Green River Ordinance, the Rhett Walker Band, and Phil Wickham.


Paulson brings in all aspects of his life into his writing.  As you listen to one of his songs, you might hear his morning run, or him sitting down to read about sports, or maybe the clicks of his keyboard at work, but whatever you hear will be a part of his life.  While never having studied music as a subject, Paulson is definitely a novice of music.  With every artist he listens to, he gains knowledge.  While Paulson’s music is rich in technicality and showmanship, the lyrics are crafted specifically for the sake of expressing the most profound aspects of life in a  manner that connects with the listener.  Music, to him, is a passion, and he intends on expressing it to the fullest.  His sophomore EP, The Fallout, is now available on iTunes and other online vendors.  Find out more about Joe Paulson at

Kayla Hall


Kayla Hall is a Christian singer/songwriter looking to use all of her gifts and abilities to glorify God.  Kayla did not always see music as something she wanted to pursue, but God began working in her in a mighty way, and Kayla began listening to His call more so within the past year.  Kayla is from the Middletown, IN area, and currently lives in Daleville, IN with her husband.  Kayla went to Olivet Nazarene University for her undergraduate work, was a collegiate tennis player as well as sang in volunteer singing groups. She went on to Indiana Wesleyan University for graduate school to study clinical mental health counseling. She is a licensed clinical addiction counselor in the state of Indiana as well as pursuing her mental health licensure.  After much prayer God began closing doors in her life that He wanted closed and opening the doors He wanted to open as it relates to using her singing/song writing ability.  She became a worship leader at her church in Yorktown, IN. She strongly felt God calling her to write songs, sing them, and that He would do the rest.  Not knowing exactly how to move forward, knowing if she even could write a song, she put her trust in Him, that He would use her if she listened.  During the month of August 2012, God brought an organization called Actors Models and Talent for Christ into her life, she auditioned, and was given the opportunity to undergo their training program for six months in order to begin pursuing the music industry further.  This allowed her the opportunity to perform in Orlando Florida at the Gaylord Palms Resort in January of 2013 in front of agents/record labels. God also gave her the words for her first song ‘Torchlight Parade.”   Kayla was offered a contract with Tate Music Group in Oklahoma shortly after her adventure in Florida, but turned down this opportunity as the timing was not what she felt God wanted at that particular time.  She also felt Him calling her to begin furthering her counseling ministry – Torchlight Counseling Services, LLC.  Kayla has written two songs, and will be recording her third song in August.  She is looking for opportunities to worship in the surrounding areas, or anywhere He calls her, and is at a point where she has finally said, “Lord, here I am, send me.”   She continues to look forward to what God is doing through her, and will continue to write and sing as long as He calls her to do so trusting He will use her for exactly what He has planned.  Kayla’s music can be found on the following links. Also, check out her songs: Torchlight Parade, and Here I Am Send Me.  God Bless.

SoundCloud link to music:
Kayla Hall Youtube Channel:

Silver From The Flames

LogoSilver From the Flames brings you positive, upbeat music that is sure to encourage you as much as it entertains you. They combine their love for God, their love for music, and a family bond to create music that makes a difference.

Silver From the Flames began their career very young, covering their favorite artists in the family basement. They have pushed themselves to write and record great songs that make a difference. Since then, they’ve had the pleasure of taking their lineup of original encouraging music to many stages, big and small. Brand new music is available on iTunes, Amazon, and other online retailers.

inside cover image

Silver From the Flames is:

Jamie Purcell – Age 15 – Lead Vocals
Logan Purcell -Age 13- Lead Guitar/Vocals
Matthew Purcell -Age 10- Drums/Vocals
Ella Purcell -Age 8-Bass Guitar/vocals


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New Again back cover CLOSE UP 3.9MB w Fcrown onlyFOLLOWER is:  Modern Classic Rock.  Is that a genre?

It is NOW!

But here’s where it becomes REAL…they make Light be HEARD!

Winning back music to its Maker is FOLLOWER Christian rock band.  How?

With tone, actual musical talent, a diverse array of song types with lyrics the way God intended.

Their mission is to ensure the distinction between simple belief in God (being a “fan”) versus actual giving one’s life over to, and living life for, Jesus Christ to fulfill His commission to go and make followers of all nations in the name of Him.

After a 20-year career at an Indianapolis-based pharmaceutical giant working in “the corporate pharmaceutical world”, now lead singer/songwriter Dean Rebhorn was not “corporately aligning” any longer, tired of what the industry and big business in general stands for.  He felt a calling to do something more for God knowing that music was the only other passion he had inside him. In a leap of faith he left the company and started FOLLOWER Christian Rock Band.

God brought the band members together and started inspiring lyrics that Dean never dreamed would occur.

Not long after FOLLOWER found themselves opening for national acts Ashes Remain, Smalltown Poets, Echoing Angels along with regional upcoming bands like Pure Star Movement and The Protest.

Now with new producer Jeff Diehl (Sweet FA, Gene Simmons of Kiss among other national/international bands produced) FOLLOWER is releasing a new album “New Again” in Spring 2013.  Containing classic rock, modern rock, AAA, and Christian Contemporary future hits this band of brothers in Christ is readying to lay down their lives and…FOLLOW Him wherever the the music leads them around the world.

2013 looks to be a breakthrough year for FOLLOWER and, God-willing, the tunes God is sending through them will reach anyone and everyone that needs to hear them.


Here the song I Know I’m Alive from Follower and connect with them here:

Home website: