Lisa’s Home School: No say to Autopay!

It’s easy to fall into the habit of  paying your bills automatically out of your account. This may be okay for a few bills, but not all! Listen here!


Lisa’s Home School: No say to Autopay!

Other Bills:

Certain Cell Plans

Gym Membership


Does Depression In Men Look Different Than It Does In Women?

Could a man you know be depressed and not even know it?

The number of men in our society who experience symptoms of depression may be similar to the number of women with depression–at least when doctors look for “non-traditional” symptoms.

Fox News is reporting on a new study done by the University of Michigan.  It found that a full 1/3 of men and women met the criteria for depression when traditional and so called “alternative” symptoms were taken into account.

Currently, about 16 percent of Americans meet the criteria for depression.  Previous research has found women are about twice as likely as men to be diagnosed with the condition.

Other studies, however, have suggested that men don’t exhibit the same symptoms of as women. Or, they may not be as willing to divulge their symptoms to a doctor.

For example, previous studies found that depressed men are more likely to show signs of anger, self-destruction, self-distractions and irritability rather than outward sadness.

In the new study, Dr. Lisa Martin and her colleagues used a scale that was designed to assess depression symptoms common among men.  When they did, they found 26 percent of men and 22 percent of women met the criteria for depression.

When they used a scale that included both traditional and alternative symptoms, there was little difference between the two groups: about 1/3 of both men and women met criteria for depression.

In addition to decreasing quality of life, the US Centers for Disease Control has found that depression is linked to smoking, alcohol use, inactivity and trouble sleeping.

If you think you or your spouse might be depressed, visit the American Psychological Association’s website at

I’m Bill Maier for Shine.FM.

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University Heights Baptist Church

University Heights Baptist Church is having an event to celebrate LOVE Week. There will have inflatables, live music, an illusionist and many other things! UHBC is doing this to show the love of Christ to their community.

Love & The Outcome: He Is With Us

For Chris Rademaker and Jodi King, Love & The Outcome is both a name and a literal life story. The duo sold their Winnipeg condo en route to a high-stakes musical road trip that has seen them criss-cross Canada, Liberia, the Philippines and China, winning over fans both emotionally and spiritually with their blend of effervescent pop. Co-written by vocalist Jodi, and her husband, bass player Chris, “He Is With Us” is an unabashed sing-along anthem that stomps and chimes its way to the catchiest of choruses: “He is with us, he is with us/ Always, always.” It reminds listeners that no matter how dark it gets, how alone we feel, we should take refuge in the knowledge that He is with us. Hear it on and watch the video here.

Processed Foods Made To Look Natural


Food companies know that people eat with their eyes.  Americans still love their fast food and packaged snacks, but they’re increasingly turning away from foods that look overly processed.  Companies have responded by developing technology and preparation methods designed to make packaged food seem natural.  From lunch meat to burgers, see what they’re doing in Lisa’s Home School.

Is Your Attitude on the Right Course?

Well, we had quite an adventure this week in Alaska.

Yes we did, our family was together and we were speaking on an Alaskan cruise; It really was an adventure

But it wasn’t smooth sailing was it?

No, we had some pretty rough seas. In fact, so rough that it actually changed the ships schedule.

Yeah, it did. I used that as an analogy with the group. And I said this is what married life is like; sometimes it’s not smooth sailing and you do hit some rough water but if you adjust your attitude

it certainly doesn’t mean the trip is ruined.

That’s right, that adjustment in the attitude can make the whole difference between a great experience and an adventure or not.

So friend, whether your cruising along in your relationship or maybe encountering some rough water make sure your attitude is on course.

If you have a comment or question for the New Shine.FM  relationship experts Drs. Les and Leslie Parrott, visit the relationships experts page at Shine.FM

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Shine Relationship Experts

Good News: Graduation Fulfills Mom’s Dying Wish

Even though the ceremony only had one graduate and was done a few months too soon – it turned out that this graduation took place at the perfect moment.  17-year-old Ben’s mom was suffering through her last days of a 4-year battle with a rare blood cancer.  Her dying wish was to see Ben graduate.  When her condition took a turn for the worse, friends and family started making some phone calls.  Within hours, all the necessary school officials were in her hospital room, and Ben, in graduation cap and gown, received his diploma.  His mom died the next day.  Read this amazing story here, and say a prayer for Ben and his family and they continue to grieve the loss of his mother.

Random Blessing Weekend

It’s Garrett from Shine Afternoons and Friday February 1st is our next Drive-Thru Difference here at the New Shine.FM.  But you don’t have to wait until then to randomly bless someone….you can start this weekend.  Maybe you have a story of how you blessed someone, or maybe how someone blessed you?  Would you share it with me this afternoon? Thanks!

A veteran movie producer worries about the impact of violent movies on children.

Why do parents DO these things?


You may have heard me mention that there are now multiple research studies showing the negative impact that violent media can have on kids.  Well, it seems like some parents either aren’t aware of this—or simply don’t care.


And now a veteran movie producer wants to do something about it.


Stephen Simon is a producer whose film credits include What Dreams May Come and Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure.


He says he recently went to a movie in Portland Oregon and was horrified when he noticed a mother had brought her young son to a showing of the R-rated film End of Watch.


Mr. Simon says “It was very violent and very profane from frame one. There were people getting beat up and shot.” “I thought this is child abuse.”


Simon was so upset by the woman’s choice that he confronted her and called Child Protective Services.


He says “The woman [at CPS] told me on the phone I was absolutely right and this was a dreadful thing to do.  But she said there was nothing they could do about it and suggested I talk to the theater manager.”


Simon told United Press International that he’s now calling theater owners to ask them to have their ticket sellers talk to parents about R-rated films’ content when they attempt to take young children in with them.


He says, “in the box office, they should ask if parents are aware the movie has very violent or profane content.”


Unfortunately there are many parents who simply won’t care.  If they want to see a violent, R-rated movie and don’t want to pay for babysitter, they’ll simply take their child with them.

Shine Factor Elite Eight

1. Aarika Ivery

2. Jeremy Lopez

3. Andrew Denlinger

4. Rebecca Olesek

5. Justin Ray

6. Logan Miller

7. Alecia Huber

8. Tailyn Frame