Criticizing The Camel’s Hump

I came across this Arabian proverb the other day, it says “The camel never sees it’s own hump, but it’s neighbors hump is ever before it’s eyes.” Now, I think there’s a lot of truth in that.

Yeah, that’s kind of a humorous picture but there is a lot of truth to that, particularly in marriage. Sometimes you give me some feedback that I wouldn’t love because you point out that, “Hey you’ve got a hump on your back.”

And it kind of goes both ways, but we kind of serve as a mirror to each other. As iron sharpens iron, we help each other.

That’s right and it’s so helpful in marriage, not to be defensive but to allow that spouse to give us a full picture of who we really are.

Friend, keep that in mind and maybe think of those camels the next time your about to criticize or comment on your spouse.

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