Daughter of God – Reach A Village

This girl is the first Christian in her village. In the past, she hated Christians. She heard they eat meat and do other disgusting things not allowed by Buddhism. She wanted to travel to Yangon to get a job. She heard of a man offering a school program there. It was a Christian man teaching the Bible and that is when her heart opened to the Gospel. She learned about the love of God and became a believer. She loves the song “I Surrender All” and cries every time she sings it. “It touches me very deeply in my heart. I cannot control my tears.

Now I am concerned about my parents and the others in the village. I love Christ more than anything and I want to share Him with my village. I now know that my Buddhist religion is empty and has no meaning for me. All of our statues are lifeless and cannot help us. God has been providing for all my needs. I am a daughter of God. I am enjoying my life now.”

My mother asked her if she became a Christian. She said “No, I have become a daughter of God”. Her mother has not condemned her, but there are other villagers who say bad things about me, but I forgive them because they do not know what they’re doing. Please pray for me, my mother, and our village.