Don’t Cuddle With Your Smart Phone

Have you ever fallen asleep while Insta-scrolling on your smartphone—or have you purposely left it on your bed during the night?

You’re not alone: 44 percent of cell phone owners have snoozed with their phone next to their bed to make sure they didn’t miss any crucial calls or texts,

But Camille Chatterjee, an editor for, found that snuggling up to your phone could be hazardous to your health. Here’s why:

First, you could set your pillow on fire. A Texas teen recently woke up to a burning smell.  It turned out that her Samsung Galaxy S4, which was under her pillow, had partially melted.  It scorched her sheets and mattress, too.

It seems that a non-Samsung replacement phone battery was to blame: the phone’s instruction manual warns that hat there’s a risk of a fire if the gadget is covered by bedding or other thick material. Bottom line: Stick to phone accessories from the original manufacturer, and don’t leave your cell on your bed.

Camille also points out that your phone could keep you awake.

Cell phones (and tablets, TVs, and other gadgets with LED screens) give off what’s known as blue light—a type of light that can inhibit the production of the sleep-inducing hormone melatonin and disrupt our circadian rhythms.

This may be because blue light emits wavelengths similar to daylight, which can make our bodies think it’s daytime.

I’ve mentioned this before—to get a good night’s sleep, power down all electronics two hours before bedtime. Better yet, keep your phone and laptop in another room while you snooze.

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