Dr. Bill Has Two Faith Stories To Inspire Us On This Friday!

Every Monday night in Washington, DC, nearly 100 US congressmen gather to pray for our country.

The Congressional Prayer Caucus began in 2005 when Virginia Representative Randy Forbes was joined by Alabama Representative Robert Aderholt , Texas Representative John Carter and North Carolina Representative Mike McIntyre.

Today it’s standing room only with Republicans and Democrats praying for the country and asking for God’s wisdom, that lawmakers might make the right decisions to govern the nation.

Representative McIntyre says, “The true source of power is not found in the halls of Congress, the Oval Office, or the chambers of the Supreme Court, but it’s found on our knees before the throne of grace and before Almighty God.

The prayer partnership has become a model for civility in Congress.

In other faith news, missionaries on leave are using technology to keep their work going until they can return to the mission field.

Barry Sport is a missionary with New Tribes in Brazil.  He is uses a computer program called V-See to continue his work when he is working to raise support in the states.

While at home in Wisconsin he can create Bible lessons on the Guanano language with a co-worker in Brazil.

The computer video program also allows file sharing, which lets Barry and his co-workers make changes in lessons they both can see.

Barry and his wife, Denise work with New Tribes to plant churches among the Guanano people in the jungles of Brazil.  Keep them and all our missionaries in your prayers!

I’m Bill Maier for Shine.FM.

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