E-Cigs and Your Kids

There is more troubling news about “e-cigs.”

The American Heart Association says e-cigarettes should be subject to the same laws that apply to tobacco products, and that the federal government should ban the marketing and sale of e-cigs to young people,

According to a story from Health Day News, a new American Heart Association policy statement says this:  “Over the last 50 years, 20 million Americans died because of tobacco. We are fiercely committed to preventing the tobacco industry from addicting another generation of smokers.”

Nancy Brown is the CEO of the American Heart Association.  She points out that recent studies indicate that e-cigarettes may be a gateway to traditional tobacco products for young people.

Brown says “These disturbing developments have helped convince the association that e-cigarettes need to be strongly regulated, thoroughly researched and closely monitored.”

By the way, the US Centers for Disease Control says more than a quarter-million teens who never smoked before used e-cigs last year.  That’s a three-fold increase.

Those figures are troubling because nicotine is highly addictive and can be harmful to adolescent brain development.  Also three out of four teen smokers go on to become adult smokers, even if they intend to quit.

Dr. Elliot Antmann, the president of the Heart Association says “Nicotine is a dangerous and highly addictive chemical no matter what form it takes — conventional cigarettes or some other tobacco product.”


To read more about the Heart Association’s position on e-cigarettes, and to find help with kicking a tobacco habit, go to heart.org.


I’m Bill Maier for Shine.FM.

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