New Again back cover CLOSE UP 3.9MB w Fcrown onlyFOLLOWER is:  Modern Classic Rock.  Is that a genre?

It is NOW!

But here’s where it becomes REAL…they make Light be HEARD!

Winning back music to its Maker is FOLLOWER Christian rock band.  How?

With tone, actual musical talent, a diverse array of song types with lyrics the way God intended.

Their mission is to ensure the distinction between simple belief in God (being a “fan”) versus actual giving one’s life over to, and living life for, Jesus Christ to fulfill His commission to go and make followers of all nations in the name of Him.

After a 20-year career at an Indianapolis-based pharmaceutical giant working in “the corporate pharmaceutical world”, now lead singer/songwriter Dean Rebhorn was not “corporately aligning” any longer, tired of what the industry and big business in general stands for.  He felt a calling to do something more for God knowing that music was the only other passion he had inside him. In a leap of faith he left the company and started FOLLOWER Christian Rock Band.

God brought the band members together and started inspiring lyrics that Dean never dreamed would occur.

Not long after FOLLOWER found themselves opening for national acts Ashes Remain, Smalltown Poets, Echoing Angels along with regional upcoming bands like Pure Star Movement and The Protest.

Now with new producer Jeff Diehl (Sweet FA, Gene Simmons of Kiss among other national/international bands produced) FOLLOWER is releasing a new album “New Again” in Spring 2013.  Containing classic rock, modern rock, AAA, and Christian Contemporary future hits this band of brothers in Christ is readying to lay down their lives and…FOLLOW Him wherever the the music leads them around the world.

2013 looks to be a breakthrough year for FOLLOWER and, God-willing, the tunes God is sending through them will reach anyone and everyone that needs to hear them.


Here the song I Know I’m Alive from Follower and connect with them here:

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