Forsaking Facebook?


Younger teens are lukewarm about Facebook, but they may need the social networking site as they get older.


Facebook execs have admitted that younger teens are gravitating away from their site.  And in a recent column for Mashable, thirteen year old Ruby Karp gained national attention when she declared that none of her friends even used it.


But will they have to as they get older?  Sixteen year old William Davenport, writes, “Ruby’s right. Facebook’s not as exciting as it used to be. It doesn’t have the appeal of a fad social network anymore.”


William argues that when Ruby gets into high school, Facebook will be a necessary tool for connection that fad social networks do not provide.


He says, “Unlike Vine (which is already going way downhill in my friend group), or Twitter, or even Instagram, Facebook is not a bubble that can be burst with changing fads. Facebook is a tool that all of my friends need and will continue to need in the future.”


William may be right—but I’m not sure that’s such a good thing!


And check this out! According to, a recent study by the Kaiser Family Foundation has found that more than two out of three teens accidentally stumble onto pornography while online.


That’s deeply troubling, experts say, because being exposed to porn so early can warp and damage what a young person’s idea of sex could and should be. Gail Dines, author of the book Pornland, says that online porn is negatively impacting an entire generation of boys.


That’s why is more critical than ever to have regular conversations with our kids about their online activity—through both computers AND mobile devices.  For some great guidance on this topic, check out Vicki Courtney’s excellent book Logged on and Tuned Out.


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