Fun Thoughts About Dad

Father’s Day is just two days away, and kids, I hope you’re planning on making your dad breakfast in bed—or better yet, helping him clean the garage!


A few years ago I had a chance to interview Carey Casey, the president of the National Center for Fathering in Kansas City.


Each year, Carey’s organization conducts something they call “Father of the Year Essay Contest.”  Over 100,000 school kids submit essays on the topic “What my Father Means to Me.”  I thought you might enjoy hearing a few of their creations.


Here’s one from a first grader:

“My dad is the best dad ever. I would kiss a pig for him.”  Well, isn’t that nice.

Another first grader wrote this:

“My dad is a Frito-Lay man. That is an important job because Frito-Lay means chips, which is food. That is so important because you could not live without food.”  Obviously a future nutritionist there.


Here’s one from a fourth-grader:
“Sometimes as a joke I’ll put my stinky socks in his briefcase, so at work the next day he will think of me!  How thoughtful.


And finally, this one from a seventh grader:

“Fatherhood is a lifelong commitment. I have seen through my father’s actions, words, and decisions that he will be committed to me and my life from the second I was born, almost 13 years ago, to the day I die….Even if you assembled the most brilliant team of scientists and artists there was, there still is no possible way you could duplicate my father.”

Wow—now THAT is beautiful!  And it was written by a 13-year-old!  I pray that my kids will say that about me when THEY get to be teenagers!


Happy Father’s day, from all of us at Shine.FM!


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