Good News: 6-Year-Old Boy Hugs His Mom for the First Time

With the help of scientists at the University of Central Florida, one little boy got to do something he’d never before: give his mother a hug with two hands. 6 year old Alex Pring was born without an arm. As he has grown and become more active, he has an increased need for a prosthetic. Financially though, this $40,000 wasn’t a possibility for the Pring family due to no support from insurance. Looking for solutions, Alex’s mother Alyson got in touch with E-nable, a technological collective that produces robotic hands and arms for children. After hearing her story, Albert Manero, a grad student at the University of Central Florida, had an idea: produce a robotic arm for the boy using a 3-D printer. With the help of his team at UCF, Manero had a working prototype of the new plastic limb in a few weeks. It runs on household batteries, and opens and closes through a connection to the muscles in Alex’s arm. After a few fittings, Alex Pring officially had a new right arm – all for a grand total of $350. Click here to see mom and son finally getting to fully embrace!