Good News: Boston Hero Finds Hard Times And Better Days


One minute, it seemed, Robert Wheeler was the bare-chested college kid pictured in so many photos, with the shirt he had worn while running the 2013 Boston Marathon now seen serving as a makeshift tourniquet holding together the shorn leg of a man gruesomely injured by the finish-line explosive.  Later, Wheeler was honored at center court of Boston Garden, a sellout crowd of Celtics fans cheering him, acknowledging with a standing ovation what he had done. He was hailed at his college graduation ceremony, where he received what everyone thought was a diploma. The university president made special note of his presence.  Robert Wheeler was an inspirational story perfect for a time when a city and its people needed a lift.  But as time passed, the one needing a hand was Robert Wheeler.  Last August, four months after the Boston Marathon and everything that came with it—success, heroics, celebrity, despair—Wheeler was living out of his Dodge Caliber or in a tent he’d pitch when the weather allowed.  In his darkest moments, he reached out to family, friends, and his church, who surrounded him with love and support, and got him back on his feet.  Now, he’s training to be a firefighter.  Read more about Robert’s inspirational story here.