Good News: Little Boy Thinks He Has No Friends – Prove Him Wrong!


Colin, a little boy in Michigan, suffers from a sensory processing disorder and another disorder similar to autism and Asperger syndrome.  Consequently, he’s had trouble socializing at school. With his 11th birthday approaching, Colin told his mother Jennifer he didn’t want to have a birthday party.  In lieu of an actual fete, Jennifer decided to throw Colin a surprise party on Facebook. She created a page for him – “Happy Birthday Colin” – and recruited a few friends to help her start generating messages for her son. She planned to reveal it all to him on his big day. The devoted mom also posted a mailing address on the page in case people wanted to send cards.  Now, this sweet boy’s request for friends has gone viral and they can hardly keep up with the cards and well wishes.  To send yours, get all the details on the Facebook page!