Good News: Mother Daughter Duo Loses Weight Together


Deciding to go to the gym instead of watching TV and choosing beets over burgers aren’t always easy lifestyle choices to make. But going the healthier route is easier to do with someone by your side, and mother-daughter duo Cheryl and Tessa are proving it with their impressive combined weight loss.  After seeing a video on, a website that challenges people to commit to something for 100 days, Cheryl, who weighed 256 pounds, asked 17-year-old Tessa if she wanted to join her and lose weight together. The pair exercised every day with each other, even when Cheryl put in 12-hour days in the emergency room and Tessa had long days at school. They also modified their diets by cutting out sugar, wheat, and flour. In total, at the end of the experiment, mom had lost 42 pounds, while Tessa had dropped 32.  Watch their transformation here.