Good News: Powerful Story Of Forgiveness


A devastated mother embraced her daughter’s killer in court this week, a moment of forgiveness amid personal anguish.  Jordyn Howe pleaded guilty in court Tuesday for the 2012 shooting death of his friend, Lourdes “Jina” Guzman-DeJesus, 13. Jordyn had brought his stepfather’s gun on the school bus, firing it once at the ground.  Nothing happened.  He pointed the weapon at Jina — and this time, when he pulled the trigger, the gun fired, killing her.  Jordyn, now 16, confessed immediately to the crime, pleading guilty to three charges — including manslaughter with a deadly weapon.  He faced up to 22 months in prison, and Ady DeJesus (Jina’s mom) initially demanded a harsh punishment.  But after she met with the teen and a judge, she came up with a different plea deal, and the court agreed. Jordyn will spend one year in a juvenile detention center and will also spend time touring Florida with Ady, talking about the dangers of guns.  Watch this touching moment of forgiveness here.