Good News: Walking Miracle To Miracle Maker

We asked you to tell us about someone making a difference in his/her community.  We’ve enjoyed hearing the stories and are excited to share Tracy’s Miracle Maker story.

12 years ago my Mom was 58 yrs old. She had been misdiagnosed, finally after 18 months, we were told it was stage 4 Non Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. Many times we were told she wouldn’t survive. My Dad signed DNR papers; we were getting ready to start Hospice. Prayers were coming in from everywhere. Not many people believe in the power of prayer, but two months after her diagnosis, seeing Mom wake up with no brain damage or anything wrong was a miracle in itself! She struggled through chemo, my father quit his job and took care of her 24/7, and everyone kept continually praying for her!  She was told form her original Drs here, there is nothing more we can do your tumors are still here. She went for a 2nd opinion a week later, and that’s when she was told, “Her cancer has VANSIHED.  All we see is scar tissue.”  Mom states all the time that she is a “Walking Miracle” due to God and the power in prayers! Due to My Mom and her strong belief she really has been a Miracle Maker!  Unknowingly she has brought numerous people into God’s world who were lost and now they are found.

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