Good News: Woman Loses 160 Pounds


Weddings are an important milestone in the lives of the bride and groom, but Jayme Hunsinger never thought someone else’s wedding would change her own life.  Jayme, 30, said she was always “the biggest, tallest kid” growing up.  The mental health therapist had tried everything to lose weight, but she got a call in the fall of 2006 to be the maid of honor in her stepsister’s wedding. It was her aha moment.  At the time, she weighed 304 pounds. Jayme’s aunt recommended that she try Weight Watchers, the popular weight-loss program. By the time of the wedding, in June 2007, Jayme had lost 80 pounds. The compliments that followed motivated her to keep going. After the birth of her daughter, Anna, in 2010, her weight loss plateaued, but by January of 2013, she had recommitted to her goal and picked up running.  She has now lost a total of 160 pounds.  Check out her before and after pictures here.