Healthy Eating Does Matter

If you’re at high risk of having a heart attack, changing your diet can significantly lower your chances of heart disease.

But can eating fruits and vegetables help someone who already has heart problems?   Maybe so.

Time magazine is reporting on a new study done by a group of international researchers.  It shows that for heart patients currently taking medication for high blood pressure and cholesterol, healthy eating can have an added beneficial effect.

Mashid Dehghan, a researcher at the Population Health Research Institute in Canada says “We encourage everyone to eat healthy.  But especially high-risk patients, we want them to know: Take your medication, but modify your diet as well.”

Dr. Dehghan says “Some people think that if medication lowers their blood pressure, healthy eating doesn’t matter. We want them to know that this is wrong.”

The new study is the most comprehensive research of its kind to date.

That’s because of large size of the study population, and the fact that it included participants from 40 different countries.  [The researchers tracked 30,000 adults aged 55 and older, all with a history of heart disease, stroke, or diabetes.]

It found that patients who ate healthy AND took their medication had the best outcomes of all.

Dr. Denghan points out that healthy eating is not about one single nutrient or food group, but instead, about the big picture.   She says “People can eat healthy or unhealthy three times a day, so if you modify your diet it can have a big impact.”

If you’d like to learn more about the study, go to and enter “heart disease” in the search engine.

I’m Bill Maier for Shine.FM.

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