New Year’s Resolutions

It’s the New Year, and you may be embarking on ambitious New Year’s resolutions. But is starting in January the best idea?

In some cases, holding off on a resolution may improve your chance of success. For example, if you’ve decided to begin walking every day, it will be more challenging with winter weather and less sunlight.

And for many of us, once a goal gets off track, getting back on is tough. Worse yet, some people beat themselves down with negative self-talk—and that’s never a healthy option. Celebrate your successes—even little baby steps—and move past any failures.

Now I’m not saying don’t make a resolution, but depending on your goals, the best first step could be to not step just yet. You may increase your chance of winning by waiting for the right time to start.

I’m Dr. Walt Larimore and all us of here at Shine dot FM wish for you and yours a blessed New Year.

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