October Difference Maker: Angels&Doves

Angels&Doves is a nationwide anti-bully program that goes in and speaks with students about what bullying is, how to stand up to bullys, and how to stop bullying. According to Angels&Doves, bullying is reduced by 50% when schools bring in a professional presentation.

This program is effective in the way it helps students consider what bullying is and how it affects the school, Principal Jeff Gambill at Shakamak Elementary said.
After the program was presented at her school, a fourth grade teacher reported that one of her students apologized to the class for being a bully.
Angles&Doves main message is that bullying is unacceptable and preventable. Founded by Kim Harvey and Joyce Taylor in 2010, the mission of this organization is to end bullying – which can be done peer to peer.
Angels&Doves offers school and staff presentations. For more information email bookings@angelsanddoves.com