Snoring, Sleep Apnea, and Your Health


Sawing wood when you sleep. We laugh when we watch snoring in cartoons and sit-coms, but more studies are indicating it may not be a laughing matter.

Snoring, when associated with sleep apnea, can radically increase a person’s risk for a number of serious diseases.

Now research shows that isolated snoring—without sleep apnea—is potentially dangerous.

A recent study shows snoring may put you greater at risk than those who are overweight, smoke, or have high cholesterol to having thickening in your carotid arteries that can lead to a stroke.

Now, a little sawing wood doesn’t hurt, but if you are shaking the walls in your bed room every night, that’s a wake up call to talk to your doctor.

A number of therapies are available to treat snoring and to have you resting easier and quieter.

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