Do You Trust God When Times Get Tough?

Do you trust God when times get tough?  A new survey has found that Christians who are growing in their spiritual maturity are more likely to trust God—even in difficult circumstances.

According to Baptist Press, “Exercising Faith” is one of eight attributes of discipleship that consistently show up in the lives of maturing Christians. The attributes are part of the Transformational Discipleship study conducted by LifeWay Research.

Ed Stetzer, president of LifeWay, says “It is easy to say God has a purpose for everything in life, but it requires faith to enjoy seeing His plan unfold in difficult times.”

The survey shows the longer someone has trusted Christ as their Savior, the better their responses are for exercising faith. Being involved in a Bible study group, praying for Christians and non-Christians, and witnessing to nonbelievers also make a positive impact.

The survey also revealed those stronger in their faith are less prone to doubt God’s involvement, even in unexplainable circumstances. Just 9 percent agreed with the statement: “When things happen in my life I can’t explain, I typically doubt God is involved.” Eighty percent disagreed with that statement.

Ed Stetzer from Lifeway “Exercising Christian faith is more than believing God exists; it is believing in God’s promised presence, provision, and compassion for us.”

“It is exhibited in a life that depends on Jesus Christ for salvation and is filled with the expectation of His daily activity.”

You can learn more about the transformational discipleship research at LifeWay Research.

I’m Bill Maier for Shine.FM.

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How Can We Pray For You Today?

How can we pray for you today? ~ Garrett

Lance and Lies

It’s Garrett from Shine Afternoons.  It seems everywhere you turn this week you’re probably hearing about Lance Armstrong coming clean and admitting he lied during his incredible career (the interview with Oprah is today by the way).

But what about you? Have you ever had one of those lies that just spiraled out of control?

How did you mend any relationships that were hurt in the process?

Maybe you’ve had something on your heart that you want to confess, and  haven’t really figured out how to set yourself free. You can call the New Shine.FM and get it off your chest right now too. We’d be happy to pray with you too!

Did You Watch A Night of Hope and Healing Last Night?

It’s Garrett from Shine Afternoons and I was up watching the live-stream of “A Night of Hope and Healing” from Bridgetown, CT last night with Chris Tomlin, Mandisa, TobyMac, Steven Curtis Chapman, Laura Story, Casting Crowns, Louie Giglio and Max Lucado and so many others. Did you watch any of the event? Oh, and don’t forget to pray for the families in Newtown, CT……they could really use your prayer support as they continue to heal!

Check out the Facebook Page set up for the event to see some home videos from the night.

Mini-Resolution No. 15 – Look For A Need You Can Meet Today

Big or small, be on the lookout today for someone who can use a helping hand.  At work, in the grocery store, or even in your neighborhood, if you see a need, step in!

He is the same–ALWAYS! ~ Garrett

Mini-Resolution No. 14 – Donate to a Good Cause

There are so many ministries and organizations doing great work in our community.  Pick one and donate!  It doesn’t even have to be money.  Lots of organizations are looking for everything from books to canned food items to clothing.  Check out your favorite charity’s website for their list of needs and give today!

Good News Story: Trevor’s Peace

Trevor was just a regular kid enjoying summer. He was ready to be a teenager and play on the football team with his friends.  That’s when he found out he had brain cancer.  At the height of his pain and suffering, he found peace.  With that peace, hope grew until he and his mom were able to start an organization for kids fighting cancer and even get a law enacted that helps give cancer kids a voice!  Read Trevor’s story!

Mini-Resolution No. 13 – Write A Handwritten Note and Give It To Someone You Love

Today’s mini-resolutions is to write a handwritten note for someone you love!  When’s the last time you popped a love note in your kids’ lunches, or sent a note to a friend just to say hi?  Today’s the day!

Mini-Resolution No. 12 – Perform A Random Act of Kindness

Pay it forward. Pass it on. “Do unto others…” Today’s challenge is to simply perform a random act of kindness. Need some ideas? Here are some.

Be sure to tell us how it went below!

Kurt, Rob & Lisa