Scott & Sam – The Rest of Clayton’s Story

The hope of a young man who knew where he was going and, as he was dying he encouraged everyone to live with the kind of love Jesus has.

Brant & Sherri – Never Miss a Radio Show!

We’re now uploading our show the day after it airs. You can subscribe here (on iTunes), or if you don’t use iTunes, via the Stitcher app. Yesterday’s show: Brant is a “Loon”, The People Jesus Repelled, Parmesan Cheese Dinner, Grace, Nik Wallenda, Forgetting the Candy, Our Show Agenda, No Pets Scrutiny, Awkward Jog of Gratitude, What’s in a Person’s Heart Sherri’s Fave Quotes: “You’ll hear us talk about grace a lot because it’s the only thing that changes any of us.” “I’m ok with looking dumb if I can just love people for once. I’ve gotten that frustrated with it. It’s time to grow up and love people.” “People get judgmental about me having a bowl of Parmesan cheese for dinner. That hurts.” “Grown man hiding behind a couch to avoid some kid in a Superman outfit. That’s how I roll.”

What’s God working on in you?

If you’re like me most days I feel like I should be wearing an “under construction” sign to let people know God’s still working on me. A couple things He’s working on right now are trusting Him and patience. What’s God working on in you?
~Garrett from Shine Afternoons

Teen paddling canoe entire length of Mississippi River this summer!


I remember what I did the summer after I graduated…and it was NOTHING like what James Welbourn is doing.  He’s canoeing by himself from the beginning of the Mississippi River in northern Minnesota to the Gulf of Mexico!

Check out his story….it’s amazing!

Passing Your Faith On To Your Kids: Part 3

Would you like to be more intentional about passing your faith on to your kids?  This week I’m tackling that topic at the request of several of our listeners.


So here’s a question for you—are you teaching your children to share their faith?  Do you want your kids to live boldly for Christ in world that is increasingly hostile to Christianity?


If so, they will need to learn some basic principles of apologetics and an accurate Christian world view.  Here’s some good news: author and apologist Lee Strobel has written a series of books that will help you with this daunting task.


Check out these titles: The Case for Faith for Kids, The Case for a Creator for Kids, The Case for Christ for Kids and Off My Case for Kids: 12 Stories to Help You Defend Your Faith.  Read these books with your children, and you’ll find that YOU will be more confident in sharing your faith as well!


In addition to the ideas I’ve shared over the past two days, here’s a challenge for you.  Become a counter-cultural family.  What do I mean by that?


I firmly believe that the Body of Christ needs to become “counter-cultural” in the 21st century.  Our culture tells us the most important things in life are wealth, power, success, popularity and physical attractiveness.  Our kids hear this constant drumbeat from their peers, from the media–perhaps even from us without us even realizing it.


But Jesus calls us to a higher standard—one characterized by compassion, generosity, service and self-sacrifice.   Are we teaching those values to our children?


Encourage your kids to reach outside their circle of friends and “love the unlovely”—the kids at their school or in the neighborhood who may be unpopular, unattractive, lonely or disabled.  Isn’t that what Jesus would do?


I’m Bill Maier for Shine.FM.

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How can you be more intentional about passing your faith on to your kids?  Yesterday I started a three-part series on this topic, and I talked about making sure that our “walk” matches our talk.”


I also shared why it’s so important to really listen to your kids, instead of simply preaching at them.  Here are a few more ideas for Christian parents:


Teach your kids to pray.  Help them to understand that rather a formal theological exercise, prayer is simply an ongoing conversation with God.


When you pray with them, use clear, straightforward language…just as you would in a conversation with a friend.  One helpful guide to personal prayer is the ACTS model (Adoration, Confession, Thanksgiving, and Supplication).


Have regular family devotions—and make them relevant and FUN!  Many parents struggle to lead a family devotional time because they feel inadequate.  If that’s you, take advantage of some of the excellent, age-specific devotional resources available from Focus on the Family and other Christian ministries.


A great book on this topic is 52 Creative Family Time Experiences: Fun Ways to Bring Faith Home, by Timothy Smith.


Model an “attitude of gratitude.”  One of the best ways to teach your kids to be thankful is by having a grateful attitude yourself.  Remember to express thankfulness to God on a regular basis…even for the simple things like a roof over your head and food on the table.


Also, model gratitude in your relationships with others.  Make sure to express thankfulness to friends, relatives, and co-workers…and not only when they do something special for you.  Let them know how much you appreciate them just for who they are.


I’ll have more ideas in tomorrow’s report.

I’m Bill Maier for Shine.FM.

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Good News: Conversion to Christianity Following Prison

Rapper Ja Rule described his recent conversion to Christianity in a radio interview last week, revealing how he embraced the faith after serving two years in prison — and admitting that he’s still figuring out how his newfound beliefs will impact his career. In the interview, listeners learned that he reconnected with God after he was offered a role in the film “I’m in Love With a Church Girl.” Ja Rule said that Carl Lentz, a pastor with an uncommon image and approach, resonated with him. Lentz has helped the rapper on his spiritual journey, encouraging him to take baby steps in his newfound faith. While he’s not planning to start making gospel records, the rapper is considering how his faith will transform his music. Click here to see the interview where Ja Rule tells all!


Passing Your Faith On To Your Kids: Part 1

Christian young people are leaving the church in record numbers.  In fact, some youth ministry experts believe that as many as three out of four Christian teens who attend a secular college or university will leave the church by the time they graduate.


How can we be more intentional about passing our faith along to our children?  This week I’ll be sharing a few practical ideas on this for Christian parents:


First of all, it’s important to remember that Christianity is “caught” more than taught.  Although teaching spiritual truths to our kids is important, how we live out our Christian faith on a daily basis is vital.  If our “walk” doesn’t match our “talk” our children will come to view our faith as hypocritical and meaningless.


So, are you modeling the Fruit of the Spirit?  For those of us who are followers of Christ, here’s a hard question we should ask ourselves: Are we demonstrating Galatians 5:22-23 in our relationship with our spouse and our kids?


Are those relationships characterized by love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control?  If not, perhaps it’s time to humbly come before God and ask him to change our hearts.


Here’s another question for you: are you keeping the lines of communication Open.  Some parents have a tendency to preach at their kids but never really listen to them.


Our children (and especially our teenagers) need to know that they can talk to us about anything at all, even difficult issues like sex and drugs. They need to know that we’re truly interested in their lives, and that we’ll come alongside them when they are struggling or facing temptation.


I’ll share more ideas for Christian parents tomorrow.


I’m Bill Maier for Shine.FM.

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