Good News: Son Surprises Mom with her Dream Car

Two and a half years ago, Corey Wadden set a goal of earning $1 million by the time he turned 25 to provide his mother with a retirement — something she, like millions of others, had not been able to save for herself in years of working before losing her job. While he’s a long way from that goal, Wadden did manage to surprise his mother with a different present: a classic Saab she’d sought for years. According to Wadden, his mother has spent years talking about wanting a particular old Saab, until he finally had her point out exactly what it was — a 1973 Saab 99 EMS coupe, one of the sportier cars the Swedish manufacturer sold in North America back in that era. Wadden says it took nearly a year of searching to find a Saab 99 in the proper color, then extract it from its owner, before he could spring the surprise. Click here to see this mom’s reaction to the special present from her son!

Good News: Nebraska KFC Buffet Goer Steals Chicken, Then Apologizes

The owner of a KFC branch in Nebraska got a pleasant surprise this week when he received a letter of apology from a patron who stole a piece of chicken from the store’s buffet. An apology was mailed to Nebraskan KFC store owner Rocky Rasmussen after someone took an extra piece of chicken home from the buffet. The envelope that contained the note was accompanied by $2. The letter is unsigned, leaving the repenting customer a mystery. “This $2 is for the piece of chicken I brought home with me on Tuesday,” the letter began. “That’s stealing. Sorry!” The anonymous patron went on to explain what happened at the restaurant before asking for forgiveness. Click here for more on this story proving there are still good people in the world today!

Good News: Navy SEAL Attempting to Walk on at DE for Northwestern

Tom Hruby doesn’t see his situation attempting to walk on at Northwestern as a defensive end as something outstanding or amazing. Rather, he’s trying something that seems against all odds. After all, he’s a 32-year-old who is married with three kids and he’s also an active Navy SEAL. He’s currently a SEAL instructor at the Great Lakes Naval Station and saved up his leave to participate in Northwestern’s training camp. He played football in high school and after “falling apart as a person” when he was in the latter stages of high school, he started training to become a SEAL and married his wife Jen. He enrolled at Northwestern last year after taking the SAT and has a dorm room on campus. He spends weekends with Jen and their children, as the family lives with his mother after they moved back from Wisconsin. If he makes the team, he hopes to play on special teams. He figures the mentality he gained during SEAL training will help. Click here for more on this DE hopeful!

Good News: Two-Legged Dog Beating the Odds

Owners of Duncan, a two-legged 9 month old Boxer, describe him as a happy-go-lucky, normal puppy loving his life. Duncan was born with a birth defect causing an amputation of both of his back legs to be necessary. While it’s obvious that his hind legs are not there, his owners don’t discuss it and try very hard to make it not a big deal. They have done tons to make sure that Duncan still has a great, quality life such as buying him wheelchairs, but Duncan refuses to walk with them. He has chosen on his own to learn how to do what any other dog with four legs would do! Click here for more on this dog who has beaten the odds!

Good News: Military Dad Shocks His Little Girl With His Return Home

One military dad gave his daughter the biggest surprise of her life. 7 year old Hailey MacGregor had no idea that her father, an officer for the Navy Reserves who had spent the last 7 months serving in Afghanistan, was coming home! Her reaction to his arrival during one of her cheer routines at a hometown football game is priceless, and was all caught on tape! Click here to see this emotional surprise reunion!

Good News: Three Little Girls Retake Viral Photo to Celebrate Remission from Cancer

As three little girls gathered to get their picture taken on Saturday, the mood was quite a bit lighter than the last time the children were photographed together just a few short months ago. Back then, Rheann Franklin, 6, Ainsley Peters, 4, and Rylie Hughey, 3, each battling cancer, came together for an emotional photo session in April with Oklahoma photographers Lora Scantling and Christy Goodger. The image taken that day, after the girls met for the first time in the studio, touched the hearts of people all over the world. When the girls reunited on Saturday, it was to share in happy news: In July they confirmed they are each in remission!! To celebrate, they got back together with Scantling and Goodger to put an even more positive spin on the beautiful scene that went viral earlier this year. Click here to see the touching photos of these sweet little girls!

Good News: Argentine Woman Emotional After Reunion With Long-Lost Grandson

An elderly Argentine woman hugged her long-lost grandson, Guido, for the first time Wednesday in an emotional meeting, thirty-six years after he was snatched by the country’s then dictatorship. The heart-warming scenes came just a day after Estela Carlotto, the 83-year-old head of the Grandmothers of Plaza de Mayo human rights group, learned that her grandson Ignacio Hurban had finally been found thanks to DNA testing. Guido, 36, was taken from his mother Laura shortly after she gave birth to him in detention during the dictatorship’s “dirty war” and given to a couple in the countryside. The family all agreed that finding Guido filled a part of their lives that they felt as though they had lost. Click here for more on this sweet family’s happy reunion!

Good News: Homeless Men Compete for $100 in Arm Wrestling Match

“Model Pranksters,” a mini-series found on YouTube set out this week to find two homeless men in NYC to compete for a chance to win $100. The pranksters left out the part where the men would be competing in arm wrestling and did not tell them until right before the match. While that might have been comical, what happened after the match was stunning to everyone involved. After a short-lived match, competitor one found himself champion and was awarded the $100. However, instead of taking the money like most people would, the victor splits his winnings with the losing opponent. The hosts of the show were so inspired by these men that they decided to help them out even more. Click here to see this story unfold!

Good News: Tween Cancer Survivor Invents ‘Chemo Backpack’

When 11-year-old Kylie Simonds of Naugatuck, Conn., was given a school assignment to invent something that solves an everyday problem, she didn’t go the typical route of kids her age. Instead, she drew from her personal experience with rhabdomyosarcoma, rare childhood cancer of bone or soft tissue, to provide a helpful tool for kids battling debilitating illnesses. And though it might look like a simple backpack, it’s actually much more. Kylie knew better than anyone that a huge struggle for kids fighting cancer was the immobility they faced. Not only did she often feel too ill or weak, but when she was feeling up to the activity of playtime she would have IV poles standing in her way. In an interview, she mentioned often tripping over wires and always being forced to rely on someone to help her get around. Young Kylie has been a big motivator in the IV Pediatric Backpack for KidsWithCancer, helping children gain back some of their independence. Click here for more on Kylie’s story and the future of these awesome inventions!

Good News: 90 Year Old Vet Running Across America

90-year-old World War II veteran, Ernie Andrus, started running/jogging across the country last October from San Diego. Now, more than 10 months after he started, he has crossed into New Mexico, according to his Facebook page. Andrus isn’t sprinting straight across the country though. Each running day, he sets off, covers as much ground as his 90-year-old legs will carry him, and then catches a ride back to his RV. He drives to the spot he stopped running and chills out until he’s ready to set off again. His journey is expected to end in two to four years when he reaches the Atlantic Ocean near Brunswick, Georgia. Click here for more on this man’s incredible journey!