Good News: Special Pizza Delivery

Army National Guard Maj. Shawn Fulker is miles away serving in Afghanistan.  His wife’s birthday was approaching, and he wanted to do something super special.  His wife, Josephine, loves Mellow Mushroom pizza, so Shawn emailed their corporate website to see if they could deliver a pizza and a $50 gift card to her on her birthday.  Mellow Mushroom not only delivered the pizza (which they made heart-shaped), they stopped by to get flowers and balloons on the way and totally surprised Josephine (and her husband).  Read this inspirational story here!

Mini-Resolution No 31: Share Your Stories

Today is the last day of our mini-resolutions! For the past 30 days, we gave mini-resolutions to help you and your family start 2013 by making small differences in the lives of others.  Now, we want to hear your resolution stories.  Call us at 855-987-4463 or comment on our Facebook

Keeping It Simple

Sometimes you just have to keep it simple!

~ Garrett

How Are You Walking-It-Out so far in 2013?

It’s Garrett from Shine Afternoons and today is another “Walk-It-Out-Wednesday!”  So how have you been “walking-out” 2013?

Good News: Officer Goes Above And Beyond

Louisiana police officer Mike Hill has gone above and beyond by making a mentally disabled and autistic boy’s dream come true.  For Blaize’s 18th birthday, his mom coordinated a visit from a police officer, who gave him a uniform.  From there, Officer Hill took Blaize under his wing, continuing to stop by and visit him.  This Saturday, Blaize will be inducted as an honorary police officer into the department.  Read the full story here!

God’s Plan Is Better!

No matter what kind of mess you make, God is ready to make a message out of it!
~ Garrett

Good News: Waiter Refuses Service

Usually when a waiter refuses to serve someone he’s in trouble, but this particular story he is a hero.  Michael, a waiter in Houston, Texas, was waiting on a table of regulars – a family with a child who has Down’s Syndrome – when another table started making horrible comments about the boy, Milo.  Michael’s personal feelings took over and he told them to leave.  Read the full story here!  Thank you, Michael, for sticking up for Milo!

The Main Thing…

Keep the main thing the main thing this week.
~ Garrett

Mini-Resolution No 28: Write A Letter

Today’s mini-challenge is very near to my heart — write a letter to a man or woman serving in our military.  My cousin Matt serves in the Air Force and was just deployed to Afghanistan the day after Christmas.  However, if you don’t know anyone serving at home or overseas, I found this website that can help you send a letter.  Let’s not forget those who continue to fight for our freedom!

Good News: Surprise Homecoming King

Three homecoming king nominees from a Tennessee high school gave up the crown.  Jesse, Drew, and Zeke were all nominated for the honor, but together, they decided that whoever won would give up his crown to a classmate with Williams Syndrome.  That’s exactly what they did.  The celebration was marked with tears and a standing ovation for Scotty Maloney.  Read all about it here!