Good News: Gold Medalist Gets Surprise Visit


Among the things a shiny new Olympic gold medal will get you, as snowboarder Jamie Anderson will attest, is an upgraded seat on airplane home. On her way back from the Sochi Games, Jamie got bumped up to first class. Score!  She recounted the story on Tuesday’s episode of “Ellen.” And it just so happened that Ellen had another surprise for Jamie — her family.  Jamie, who won gold in the women’s slopestyle, went right from Sochi to “Ellen.” There was no time to make a stop at her South Lake Tahoe home. But at the end of her interview with Ellen, her family was revealed to be waiting for her behind two big doors on the set.  Watch this wonderful video here.


Good News: US Olympians Adopt Sochi Strays


Russia reportedly ordered the extermination of hundreds of stray dogs in the Olympic Village before the games, but do-gooders did what they could to help!  Shelters were set up, and good samaritans have been trying to rescue the animals.  U.S. freestyle skier Gus Kenworthy plans to adopt not one, but five dogs — a mama and her four puppies — from Sochi.  Snowboarder Lindsey Jacobellis might not be going home with a medal from the Sochi Winter Olympics, but she will be going home with an adorable new friend.  Jacobellis adopted one of Sochi’s many stray dogs before heading back to the United States.  See their cute pups here!


Good News: Brotherly Love Better Than A Gold Medal


When Canadian freestyle skier Alex Bilodeau took home the second gold medal of his career on Monday night in Sochi, he celebrated with a brotherly embrace that warmed hearts the world over.  Alex’s brother Frederic, who has cerebral palsy, gripped him tight as the two jumped up and down in celebration after Alex, became the first athlete to win back-to-back gold medals in moguls, having also won the event in 2010 in Vancouver. Alex dedicated his gold medal to Frederic, who has served as his inspiration throughout his career.  Check out this amazing picture here!


Good News: U.S. Olympian Sends His Heart Home


Home is where the heart is—or hearts in the case of U.S. freeskier David Wise.  David, the overwhelming favorite to win the freestyle skiing halfpipe competition at the Winter Olympics in Sochi, has a collection of heart-shaped rocks on a brick windowsill outside the family home in Reno, Nevada.  He found a PERFECT heart rock for his wife in Sochi.  Long ago, he started a tradition of collecting heart-shaped rocks and bringing them home to his wife to show her that he was thinking of her while he was gone. They can be from anything as simple as a short hike or fishing trip, or anything as complex as a trip to Russia.  Check it out here.  Watch David compete on the 18th!