The Kitchen Table #16: What’s the Difference Between Being a Good Person and a Christian?

Shine.FM’s Brian and his 18-year old son Jake look at the difference in trying to be a “good person” and being a Christian.  In Music Matters: Crowder–Red Letters, Shane & Shane–Psalm 98, and Servant–We Are the Light.  In culture shock, we look at “Fortnight Tutors.” Join further discussion on The Kitchen Table Facebook Groupon the Shine.FM Page.

The Kitchen Table #15: What Does It Really Mean to Depend on and Trust God?

Shine.FM’s Brian and his 18-year old son Jake sit down at their kitchen table for a faith discussion on the nitty gritty of trusting God.

Plus a look at music, including:

Sanctus Real–Confidence

The Sing Team–How Great is Our God

Russ Taff–Medals

In Culture Shock, the duo take a look at “lawn mower parenting.”

The Kitchen Table #14: Does God Answer Prayer?

“God answers OUR prayers according to HIS will.” This week Brian and Jake discuss the Faith question: Does God answer prayer? They look at the different ways God answers prayer and share some prayer response stories from their own lives and lives of some friends. In Music Matters they have new music from Zach Williams, Banners and an oldie but goldie from Stryper. In Culture Shock, they remember 9/11 and how it changed our society.

The Kitchen Table #13: Does Going To Church Really Matter?

This week on The Kitchen Table, Brian and Jake have a family discussion about why it matters to actually attend church and the importance of community. Plus, a look at songs from Tim Timmons featuring Amy Grant: I Belong, Citizens: In Tenderness and a Goldie but Oldie fromJon Gibson & Crystal Lewis: Lost Inside of You in the Music Matters segment.

In Culture Shock, we look at how Millennials and younger people don’t use the flat sheet.

The Kitchen Table #12: How Do You Believe in God When You Can’t Feel Him?

This week, father/son team, Brian & Jake attempt to address the faith question: How do you believe in God when you can’t feel Him? We also look at new music from Tori Kelly and Hillsong Worship, plus an “oldie but goldie” from David Meece in Music Matters. In Culture Shock, we look at the Fortnite phenomenon and what parents need to know.

The Kitchen Table #10: Why Does God Allow Temptation To Come Into Our Lives?

The Kitchen Table brings together generations of parents and their teenager/young adult children to have those important faith questions. Shine.FM’s Ministry Director Brian McIntyre Utter and his 18-year old son Jake look at a tough faith question this week. Plus, diving into new songs from Switchfoot, Mosaic MSC and a classic from Mylon & Broken Heart in our Music Matters segment.  In Culture Shock, a look at waking up and establishing a healthy morning routine in time for back to school.

Have a question of faith you would like to see discussed. Email Brian at

Parenting Mistakes Most People Make


Now that I’m expecting, I’ve been doing a lot of research on parenting.  I found this recently published article about parenting mistakes that “we all” make.  So, I’m taking note of many of these things.  You should too in Lisa’s Home School.


Parental Controls For Parents’ Screen Time


In Lisa’s Home School, learn more about what most families are experiencing – a disconnect from each other and an obsession with wifi connection.  As one mom puts it, “As my children enter this wireless world of WhatsApp, Instagram, and Snapchat, it’s painfully clear that we need a meaningful plan for finding a balance for all of us. I don’t want my children imitating my rude habit of checking my phone mid-sentence, staying online rather than reading a book, or worse, learning to drive without the discipline to leave their phones out of reach.”  How can we gain some balance?  Check out more with the link above.


Whisper, Don’t Yell


In Lisa’s Home School today, we’re talking about lots of studies that show parents are yelling more at their kids, and what to do about it!  Yelling is stressful and stress-inducing!  One mom tried whispering for one week.  You’re going to want to check this out.