Smart Ways To Buy In Bulk


I love buying in bulk – mainly because I hate spending money on toilet paper, so when I only have to buy it every 3 months, I’m a happy(er) camper!  But, I’ve also had to learn some lessons the hard way — not everything is a deal!  So, today, in Lisa’s Home School, learn how to shop smart in bulk.


Can You Trust Online Reviews?

With more and more people turning to online shopping and bargain hunting, consumers are reading online reviews for the products they are planning to purchase.  But can those online reviews be trusted?  Get the scoop in Lisa’s Home School.

Listen to Lisa’s Home School here.

Cheap Is Good, Free Is Better

Kiplinger’s annual list of freebies has arrived!  You’re going to want to pin this, since these deals are spread throughout the year.  Of course some deals last year-round, like free tuition, digital storage, and computer security.  Check out Lisa’s Home School for the full list.