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Yesterday’s show:
Brant is a “Loon”, The People Jesus Repelled, Parmesan Cheese Dinner, Grace, Nik Wallenda, Forgetting the Candy, Our Show Agenda, No Pets Scrutiny, Awkward Jog of Gratitude, What’s in a Person’s Heart

Sherri’s Fave Quotes:

“You’ll hear us talk about grace a lot because it’s the only thing that changes any of us.”

“I’m ok with looking dumb if I can just love people for once. I’ve gotten that frustrated with it. It’s time to grow up and love people.”

“People get judgmental about me having a bowl of Parmesan cheese for dinner. That hurts.”

“Grown man hiding behind a couch to avoid some kid in a Superman outfit. That’s how I roll.”

Lisa’s Home School: Paying Off Debt

Have you been looking for ways to pay off your debt? Listen to Lisa’s Home School for some advice that could help you save instead of spend.

Lisa’s Home School: Best Dog for a Busy Family

Looking to get a family dog this year. Listen to Lisa’s Home School to find out which is the best breed for busy families.

Lisa’s Home School: SACKed

Going to a dollar store? Have an extra dollar? Lisa shares a great way for you and your family to help others at a dollar store.


Good News Story: Married for 81 years

The longest-married couple in America has some relationship tips and tricks below.

Married for 81 years

Lisa’s Home School: Black Friday Don’ts!

Black Friday is all about buying; however, Lisa provides a list of what not to do on this hectic day that may change your own list. Listen here!


Lisa’s Home School: Black Friday Don’ts!

Other things on the list of what NOT to buy:

-Winter clothing

-Holiday decorations

-Higher-end HDTV

-Electronics accessories

-Fitness equipment

-Home improvement supplies and tools

-Gas Grills

-Automotive supplies

Found at:



Lisa’s Home School: Hat Hair

Lisa shares some tips on how to wear a hat and not have hat hair when you remove it right here:

Lisa’s Home School: Hat Hair

Lisa’s Home School: Late Night Snacks

Have you ever had a craving to eat right before bed? Listen here to find out the best and worst foods to eat before you lay your head to rest!


Lisa’s Home School: Late Night Snacks