Two Encouraging Faith Stories For Your Friday

I have a couple encouraging faith-related stories to share with you today.

Last week Franklin Graham and volunteers from Operation Christmas Child celebrated the ministry’s 100-millionth shoebox gift.

Rev. Graham says that the program he started 20 years ago in Bosnia now reaches children in 110 countries.

But what he’s most excited about are the two million shoebox recipients who are studying the Bible this year, some of them in Muslim countries where Graham hopes they’ll become future evangelists.

He says the shoeboxes that Christians pack each November are delivered to children through churches where they hear the gospel and are invited to learn more through a Bible study called “The Greatest Journey.”

In other faith-related news, President Obama will award a posthumous Medal of Honor this week to an Army chaplain credited with saving hundreds of soldiers during the Korean War.

During a battle with communist forces in 1950, Captain Emil Kapaun, a Roman Catholic priest, stayed behind to help the wounded even though he knew he would be captured.

Americans who emerged alive from that prison camp, remember how he kept their spirits up, even as he forgave and blessed their Chinese captors.  Kapaun died in the camp seven months later.

The soldiers who knew him said as Kapaun lay dying, he said, “Don’t worry about me. I’m going to where I always wanted to go and I’ll say a prayer for all of you.”

Two of his fellow POWs and Kapaun’s relatives attended the Medal of Honor award ceremony at the White House.

I’m Bill Maier for Shine.FM.

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