Valentines Day Advice


It’s Valentines Day and I have a question for you: how do you keep the flames of romance burning when your house smells like dirty diapers?


If you can’t recall the last time you and your spouse went on a date, I have one important word for you: babysitter.  Or is that two words?


Whatever it is, make sure find some good ones—and use them on a regular basis. A regular date night is critical to keeping couples in touch.


Make sure to occasionally plan a weekend away, and I don’t mean to Disneyworld.  Leave the kids with a trusted friend or relative, and plan a romantic trip for just the two of you.


And guys, if you’re you looking for a way to warm your wife’s heart, here’s a suggestion: roll up your sleeves and clean the bathroom!


Marriages that thrive are those where both husband and wife develop a servant attitude, both looking for ways to meet each other’s needs.


It doesn’t take dinners out or expensive gifts to thrill your mate. Just noticing what she needs and being willing to help will go a long way toward making her life easier.


And don’t wait for her to ask before giving her a hand around the house.


Take time to make the bed, take out the trash, or wash a load of clothes.


If you see she’s having a stressful day, take the kids to a Saturday matinee and give her the afternoon off to just read or take a hot bath.


It’s the little things that keep a strong marriage growing even stronger. For more ideas, check out the book The Love List by Les and Leslie Parrott.


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