What Does Your Facebook Say About You?

Did you know that your Facebook profile may reveal a lot about your personality?

It’s true—CBSNews.com is reporting on an interesting study which found that extroverts and socially anxious people both upload significant numbers of photos to their Facebook pages.

But here’s the difference–extroverts tend to change their profile cover photos, while those who are more prone to stress and anxiety upload more photos per album.

It makes sense that extroverted people would have a tendency to upload lots of photos.  But how can that same thing be explained in people who are more socially anxious, a term that psychiatrists call “neurotic.”

Researcher Azar Eftekhar says “Neurotics strongly desire approval,” but they may not be good communicators and they lack social skills.

“As socially anxious individuals, they see Facebook [as] a safe place for self-expression and to compensate for their offline deficiencies.”

Azar says the findings suggest that people are socially anxious may seek acceptance implicitly through intensive photo uploads.  They feel that will make them look more attractive and popular online.

The researchers said that the study results point to certain similarities between how human relationships operate on Facebook and in real life.

For instance, the people in the study who were more “agreeable” and friendly in real life, tended to attract more comments and “likes” to their posts.

I wonder what the researchers discovered about the GRUMPY people?  I don’t think I even want to visit their Facebook pages!

I’m Bill Maier for Shine.FM.

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