What’s in Your Freezer?

You came in the other night and said, “I’m starving! I got to eat right away!”


I was. I didn’t want to take time to go to the grocery store. You said there’s nothing in the whole house. I said there’s got to be something. Sure enough in the freezer I found a chicken pot pie, homemade, perfect, just what I was looking for.


And I felt bad because I had just shut you down and been kind of negative, and I actually had something that could’ve blessed you in that moment.


I think we do that kind of relationally as well.


We do. Sometimes we withhold just a tender touch or a word of encouragement when we could offer that easily.


Friend, think about that. What do you have stashed away in your emotional freezer that might benefit your spouse—and encouraging word, a kind thought that you could pass along.


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